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Top 10 Best Logo Design Tips

A logo is more than a pretty image that associates with your brand. It should capture the spirit, essence, and personality of the company it represents. A logo plays a key role in identifying your brand to your audience. To make your logo the best representation of you, follow these best logo design tips:

1. Zoom Out

When creating a logo, we often get lost in the details. A logo should be strong and clear from any distance. When designing your logo, take a moment to zoom out. Take notice of what blends into the background or distorts at different scales. An easy solution is simplifying your design by removing unnecessary details.

2. Add a Pop of Color

A logo is an iconic symbol for your company or business. To make sure it catches as many eyes as possible, experiment with a pop of color. Pick one bold color that stands out in your design. Not only will this draw in extra attention, but it will strengthen your logo.

3. Create Black and White Versions

Everyone knows it’s important to have an aesthetic logo, but many forget to create it with context. A designer should keep in mind where their logo will be used. If your logo will be used for printing, scanning, or faxing, a black and white version is a must. Many machines do not support color. In these instances, a black and white logo is perfect. As an added bonus, the stark contrast between black and white will help your logo stand out!

4. Think Like a Customer, Not a Designer

When designing a logo, it is easy to get caught in the technical aspects. You need to remember that your logo is made for customers, not other designers. The average person may not notice your symbolism or understand your choice of colors. A person may look at your logo for only a few seconds and instantly have an impression of your company. No one will be holding their hand and guiding them through why your logo is so great. Show your design to friends and test them with real customers if you can. Use their first impressions to adjust your logo so it matches the message you want to send.

5. Balance Your Tagline

A part of a logo that is often saved for the end of the design process, is the tagline. Many designers throw in the tagline wherever it fits. However, the placement, size, and even font of a tagline can ruin a good logo. A tagline should complement the logo without overshadowing it. Take the extra time to test different positions so your logo and tagline are harmonious and balanced.

6. Play with Capitals and Lowercase

If your logo uses text, play around with capital and lowercase letters. Capital letters give a sense of strength and authority. Lowercase letters feel more personal and approachable. Of course, this is not always the case. The balance of colors and symbols also plays a role. See how changing the case can affect your design.

7. Use Conceptual Icons

A logo does not have to be a literal interpretation of your business. For a more unique approach, extract key elements and focus on creating meaningful symbols. Your logo should be easily recognizable! For example, the popular sportswear brand Nike uses an iconic swoosh as its logo. No sports balls or players in view. Yet, the logo perfectly represents their brand.

8. Search for Symbolism

Symbolism and conceptual icons go hand in hand. When creating an abstract representation of a brand, it is important to still have clear connections and meaning. This can be generalized, like using the color yellow to represent happiness. Or, it could be specific like “b” in the beats logo. The lowercase letter symbolizes a real headphone turned to the side.

9. Try Custom Typography

There are millions and millions of fonts to choose from. Any of these options can be used for your logo, but nothing beats custom typography. By making your own font, you can personalize the text to perfectly match your vision. Your logo will feel more authentic and unique!

10. Find Hidden Meanings

Have you ever looked at a logo and found a surprising, hidden message? For example, the FedEx logo uses negative space to hide an arrow between the “e” and “x”. This signifies progress and development. If you can recreate that “eureka!” moment in your own design, you will have an audience of people that won’t forget your name.

Ready to use these tips?

Here at Arazo Media, we have years of experience designing personalized logos. We work hard to create unique and effective designs for brands. Click here to show us your project.

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