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Why You Need To Spend Every Other Ad Dollar on Facebook in 2021

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Often overlooked, digital marketing offers a whole host of benefits. As advertising continues to grow in importance, it is no surprise that it has spread into the digital sphere as well. Here is everything you need to know about digital advertising, and how it can help with your marketing efforts.

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is any form of advertising that uses the internet as a medium to reach its target market. There are many forms digital advertising can take, and it is different for every business. Some common examples include: website advertisements, social media advertisements, display advertisements, video advertisements, search engine marketing, and email marketing. It is also important to note that digital advertising is extending its influence into mobile platforms.


Concerted digital advertising efforts have the potential to generate consumer demand and gain business leads, because they will be reaching many prospective consumers. They can give businesses a high return on investment, as well as increased brand exposure. Additionally, marketing analytics and metrics offer many insights into the development of campaigns on the various social media platforms. Digital advertising also offers guidance in strategizing marketing and advertising efforts. It encourages consumers to engage in positive word-of-mouth that will result in the enduring involvement with the brand.

Us vs. The Competition

Most companies do not know how to maximize and optimize the social media platform features to their advantage. Various platforms exist within the realm of social media, there and each platform requires different strategic approaches to be taken to maximize the effectiveness on the target market. For example, advertising efforts on Facebook and Instagram will differ substantially, because the users' characteristics must be taken into consideration. We have worked with significantly smaller budgets than other companies have and so we have learned how best to maximize the return on investment by significantly reducing the cost per click.

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