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10 Best Wedding Photography Trends

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Wedding photography trends are always changing and evolving. They can represent an era or create a unique, classic snapshot. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or a busy wedding planner, these trends photography ideas are sure to make your wedding truly memorable.

1. Overhead Shots

When photographing a couple, get experimental with the angles! Try overhead shots of the subjects walking, meeting each other, and more. Add energy by capturing the couple as they are moving… or dancing!

2. Candid Moments

Photography sessions don’t just have to be strict poses with rehearsed emotions. Make the wedding look full of life by capturing candid photos throughout the day. Have your subjects do actions that feel natural to them and snap a photo! Often photos that are the most memorable, are those that show real emotion and true excitement.

3. Black and White

Call back to the classics by editing your photos into black and white. Something as simple as a filter can change the story and impact of pictures. Play around with lighting and scenery to make an ageless, romantic photograph.

4. Decorations

Everyone knows the wedding is focused on the bride and groom. However, weddings often cost a fortune; the decor deserves some attention. Zoom out and capture the wedding environment your subject’s worked so hard to create. Little details in the decorations and lighting can change the overall aesthetic of your photos.

5. Photo Booths

Consider adding a photo booth to your wedding plan! Set up a photographer station with backdrops and props. Have it open for guests and watch as a line forms. These stations are usually a huge hit and ensure everyone feels included.

Understandably, not everyone can manage a photobooth. A great alternative is a selfie station! A booth with some props and a nice backdrop is all you need. Now guests can look back on photos they took and easily share the special day. For the photographers out there, if you ever notice someone taking a #selfie then capture the moment!

7. Props

In photo booths, a favorite aspect is all the fun props! Whether it's the groomsmen holding Nerf guns or the bridesmaids wearing wigs, props can add a whole new element to your photos. These tools naturally spark laughs and candid moments. Get creative and come up with your own ideas. Here are some to get you started: sky lanterns, smoke bombs, hats, costumes, sparklers, colorful Holi powder, etc.

8. Drone Wedding Photo

A useful tool often forgotten in wedding photography is a drone. These are really useful for capturing photos at new distances and unique angles. They’re great for achieving a bird eye view of the beautiful surroundings and landscapes. Try a modern take on your photos by including drone photography.

9. Outdoor Settings

Change up your photos by moving outside. Use nature’s beaches, forests, and mountains to your advantage. Keep locations and time in mind by planning ahead. Moving the photoshoot outside is a simple way to create stunning photos

10. Embrace Change

In the 2021 pandemic, many things had to adapt to new circumstances. It may be instinctual to try and make things seem normal, but you should embrace the change. The pandemic resulted in snapshots that are iconic to this decade. There are photos of guests wearing masks and families at virtual meetings. It serves as a reminder that when things don’t go to plan, try to use it to your advantage. Learn more about how the pandemic affected wedding trends here.

Will you try these trends?

Here at Arazo Media, we specialize in wedding photography and videography. If any of these trends inspire you, feel free to share your experience with us here. If you have an upcoming event, consider working with Arazo to meet your film and photo needs!

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