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5 Website Design Trends for 2021

Having a website is one of the most effective ways of marketing a business. By having an online presence, a business has many opportunities to reach its consumers and potentially generate sales. As such, it is important to have a great website that appeals to users. Here are some of the website design trends dominating 2019.

1. Black and White Images

Color is one of the most important considerations in website design, as it determines mood, among other things. In 2019, website designs seem to be favoring a black and white theme. This is an excellent color combination because white tends to represent minimalism and restraint, while black tends to suggest seriousness and authority, both of which are things a business wants to convey to its customers. Additionally, when other colors and shades are introduced on the web page in the form of links and other labels, they will stand out more.

2. Nostalgia/Retro Designs

People love to remember the good old days and fondly look back on memories, so it is no surprise that retro artistic elements, such as patterns and colors, are making a comeback. Since people like to remember a simpler time, it is possible that these retro designs suggest comfort and safety to older website users. Additionally, because these designs represent a time before web sites were popularized, this adds an element of novelty to younger users, so this trend benefits users of all ages.

3. Large, Catchy Titles

Many people nowadays are constantly working or being productive in other ways, so they do not want to spend much time browsing and navigating websites. As a result, web designers are taking this into account and catering to the needs of their users by enlarging the sizes of the titles to be more eye-catching and presentable. This will get users’ attention and also obtain their desired information in a timely fashion. By reducing the time spent on websites, users are also making decisions and purchases more quickly.

4. Asymmetrical Images

People often believe that in order for a website to be more visually appealing, it needs more elements than is absolutely necessary. However, the opposite tends to be true: asymmetry offers novelty to its website users, as this is not what the audience typically expects. Additionally, because asymmetry removes all extraneous elements from the design, the website has a much more focused and minimalist presentation, and that is what makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

5. Storytelling - The Importance of Content Management

A story is a powerful tool that effectively conveys lessons and inspires innovative ideas. Website design elements can help to convey that story, but content is just as important as aesthetic considerations in website design. Website creators must continually create meaningful content that will resonate with their target audience. Through these design features, businesses can communicate their unique selling proposition, or what makes them different from other businesses.

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